24/7 & Instant Access to Cash

PaySafe perceives the cash amount that has been put in it and the amount gets immediately transferred to the bank account of your company 7/24, including weekends and holidays.

Digitalized Cash Management


In sectors where cash is intensively used on the site, gives the opportunity of using immediately the money accumulated at the branches and provides digitalized cash management.

Cost Optimization

While operational costs are being minimized, new income items are being created.


Opportunity to Use Cash Immediately


The possibility of using cash immediately is provided with the 7/24 money transfer infrastructure.

360° End-to-End Solutions

The fact that Birleşik Ödeme is responsible for collecting money from branches increases operational and financial effectiveness. 

Protection Against Fraud

The authenticity of money placed in the safe is verified immediately.

New Revenue Channel

New revenue channel is created by using cash flow effectively.