Customized Self-Service Kiosk Production

Kiosks, the equipment and software of which are provided by Birleşik Ödeme, are produced with functions in accordance with the needs of your institution.

Balance Loading

Balance can be loaded from kiosks to the digital wallet/prepaid card by using credit card or cash. 


Faster Payments

Kiosks produced specially for your company accept credit card/bank card or cash; they get integrated to the digital wallet of your brand and support mobile payment with QR.

Prepaid Card Top-up

Customers can load balance to their prepaid cards from Kiosks or POS channels.


Alternative Channel Management

Effective management is provided for the new collection channel established by kiosks.

Self-Service Customized Products

Customers can reach all the necessary product information, customize your products from kiosks and complete their purchase rapidly.

 Rapid and Easy Payment


Your customers don’t wait in line at the pay desk thanks to easy-to-use interfaces.